frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of working with Good Star Logistics? 

There are many benefits of working with e Dispatching! We handle all of the paperwork so you can say goodbye to filling out carrier packets, insurance certificate requests, phone calls, faxes, NOAs, invoicing, and billing. We even take care of the rate confirmations. 

Will I need to request insurance certificates each time? 

We will work with your insurance agent to receive insurance certificates with proper certificate holder information. The only time we’re unable to do this is when you specifically instruct your insurance agent to only process certificate requests requested by the insured only (you). 

Where do you find your freight?

We work with brokers, Load boards and direct shippers. 

Can I work with you if I’m a new carrier? 

Absolutely! We’re looking for serious and hardworking owner operators who want to put on miles at good rates. We’re not looking for excuses or stubborn carriers who don’t understand that the freight market is dynamic, and rates fluctuate. Granted, as a new carrier it will be much more difficult for us to find you the truly great loads since all too many brokers and shippers will not work with carriers whose MC Authority is less than six months or one year. Once you’ve passed the one-year mark, almost every broker becomes fair game. 


Can I decline a load? 

You’re not required to take every load that’s offered. We work hard to find loads that fulfill your requirements, but you’re able to decline any loads you don’t want to take. We ask that you define your requirements and communicate with our dispatch agents so as to save everyone time and headaches. 

What’s the process of booking a load? 

Our agents will stay in contact with you and/or your drivers to obtain their current location and ETA to delivery. Once we know where you are and where you’re going, we’ll begin working on getting you a reload. Once a qualified load is found, our agents will begin to gather information and negotiate rates. We’ll always contact you for approval on every load so there’s nothing to worry about. If you agree to the load offer, we will begin the set-up process, completing packets, requesting insurance certificates, and submitting the necessary documents to the broker. Once complete we will sign the rate confirmation, dispatch you or your driver, and send you the original rate confirmation for your records.

Will I need to fill out broker packets? 

Absolutely not! Once you complete our registration packet, we’ll have everything we need to get you set-up and loaded. 


Do I have to use your services on every truck and every load? 

Not at all. Many of our Carriers use us on an “as needed basis”. We will discuss all of this with you when you sign on. The only thing we ask is that you give us as much time as possible ahead so we can better plan for your needs, and if your status changes let us know as well. 


Do you check the credit of a potential broker/shipper? 

Yes, we do. We utilize a credit reporting system. We will do everything in our power while selecting brokers/shippers that are credit worthy and that are factoring company accepted. However, Gold Star Logistics cannot be held liable for collection actions. We will help you to the best of our abilities in resolving issues should be arising. 


Do you work in specific areas or you cover all 48 states? 

Yes, we cover all 48 states, you can call our independent truck dispatcher for a load from anywhere, your house, your yard, the place where you delivered your last load or a truck stop. It doesn’t matter. 

Do I need to sign any short- or long-term contract to use your service? 

Just the current week. You can cancel our services any time just email us with the reason of discontinuing our service, that you don’t want to use our service anymore and we will erase all your information from our database. 


How many trucks will be assigned to my personalized Truck Dispatcher? 

We never assign more than 4-5 trucks per Truck Dispatcher. We want to ensure that each and every client is serviced appropriately, and we’ve determined that Truck Dispatchers are most effectively and efficiently utilized dispatching 5 or less trucks. 

Do I need my own MC authority? 

Yes, all owner-operators and carriers working with Gold Star Logistics are required to operate under their own motor carrier authority

If detention occurs on a load, will GSL assist me in negotiating detention rates? 

Once a load is booked, unless cancelled due to the broker/shipper (our terms and conditions are stated in our agreement), GSL service has been provided. The Carrier can engage us as representative to negotiate detention rates at the greater of $40 or more and DSI will charge 10% of detention payment. It is important to remember that detention is paid at the grace of the broker/shipper and in no case is absolute. 


How Truck order Not Used (TONU ) will work ? 

Once a load is booked, unless cancelled due to the broker/shipper (our terms and conditions are stated in our contract), It varies on every situation from $100 -$300, we will try not this to happen, but some circumstances we cannot have control on . we charge 10% of that TONU payment amount. 

Are you double brokering loads? 

Since we’re not brokers to begin with, by definition we are not double brokering loads. Many brokers will not allow double brokered loads and many more will not pay the invoice if they find out a load has been double brokered. We are strictly a trucking dispatch agency which represents their carriers and owner-operators. We believe this to be the best, most honest, and the only way to remain transparent way to do business